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Football Intramurals 2014

Erick Bolanos, Head Editor

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Although MECHS is a school known for its not having sports, intramurals are an activity that many students enjoy throughout the year. As the second nine weeks starts, so does the football intramurals and students are more ecstatic than ever.

“Everyone here is really competitive so it is really fun to play against my class mates,” stated Ashley Argueta.

Students many times complain about not having actual sports but sometimes playing against people you know is actually better. Seeing as how everyone is extremely competitive at this campus, the intramural sports intensify as students try to out-do their fellow peers. Even though games between students are incredibly intense, there is no comparison when it comes to games that involve upper classmen playing against lower classmen. The competition only intensifies as freshman and sophomores try to overcome the juniors and seniors.

“I’m excited to see the teacher versus student game at the SAC,” according to Jocelyn Navarro.

Throughout the years, students have been able to enjoy the student versus teacher game at the SAC while sipping their hot chocolate and munching on a honey bun. Although there has been a change this year’s date to a Saturday, students can still enjoy this activity. Apart from having a football game, students can enjoy yet another lower versus upper classmen game of soccer. There are two games, one of the boys on campus and another with the girls. After having an intense first semester, students can go unwind with activities like these.

The intramurals have just begun and students are just as excited as they have always been. If you missed out on competing in these intramurals, there are still more to come this year. For those who simply want to enjoy these games, the games are held at the bottom parking lot for students to watch.

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Football Intramurals 2014