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The Power of Music

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The Power of music is so strong that it inspires teachers and students alike. For some people music is a way to express their feelings and others use it as a distraction. A car with the gas needle on empty feels as though it can run about fifty more miles if you have the right music on the radio booming.

“Music is like a different lifestyle. Everything seems more serene with it.” said Javier Rodriguez, a senior. “My favorite musician is Ricardo Arjona.”

Everyone needs music in their life and often it becomes a daily activity.

“I listen to music every day. It helps me concentrate with studying and during class, without music life isn’t fun,” said Esteban Valle, sophomore, whose favorite band is The Strokes.

Here at MECHS we have a very talented music teacher, Mr. Brewer who offers choir, guitar, piano and orchestra classes that appeal to different musical abilities.

“I started beating on pots and pans when I was a toddler, singing and dancing in elementary.  I played the trumpet in 6th grade, the guitar in high school and the key board and violin in college” exclaimed Mr. Brewer about his start in music.

Mr. Brewer currently plays the trumpet, guitar, piano, drums, bass, saxophone, electronic instruments, violin and tuba.

 “Everyday music is a part of my life and it inspires me to be creative to get a message across and of course it makes my day enjoyable. It’s my profession, hobby and my reason for getting up, it stimulates my intellectual capacity and it’s a source of enjoyment,” he said proudly.

Mr. Brewer has met Beach House, Stevie Ray Vaughan and saw them perform. He played with Bright Eyes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Mr. Brewer is influenced by them and by Miles Davis and Muddy Waters.

On campus we have several bands that are made up by the students, which play at different events or occasions at the school. One of the bands that is formed by MECHS students is “Division 72” this band is made up of 3 freshman guys,  Josh, Joachim, and Michael.

“We really enjoy having bands at MECHS because we get entertained and we know the band members since they attend to this school.” said a freshman music enthusiast.

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The Power of Music